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At Superior Pro we offer a wide range of services, primarily:

exterior & interior Painting

We do both interior and exterior painting of residential homes, this includes all surfaces found in a home. This also includes all prep work done to our strict guidelines, in our experience the prep work is as important as the paint application and plays a direct role on how long the paint job will last. Some college or student painters miss this step entirely.


Cleaning windows is one of our specialties, clean windows really change the way a house looks from both the outside and inside. It's one of those things that makes or breaks the image of a building. If your siding's clean but your windows are dirty, chances are the whole thing looks off, by having your windows cleaned you can let your home shine to it's full potential. We use state of the art carbon fiber water-fed pole systems that can reach as high as 4 stories, as well as old-fashioned squeegees for those customers that prefer it. 

Pressure Washing 

We are fully capable of completing various forms of pressure washing applications. Whether it's cleaning your siding or clearing out the dirt from your walkway or decking, we can do it. Our weapon of choice is commercial strength gas-powered pressure washers capable of up to 3,000 PSI. These give us the mobility needed on the job as well as the regulated power to cover a wide range of applications, including light-duty applications such as vehicles or stucco siding, as well as more heavy-duty concrete washing. 


We can take care of various gutter duties for you, inside and out. Depending on how many trees you have in your vicinity, you may need to get your gutters internally cleaned more than 2 times a year to prevent damage.


We have a variety of services we offer for your home's siding. Cracks, peeling, dirt, moss, or rust can really alter the appearance of your home. We employ capable carpenters that can easily replace whole sections of rotten or damaged siding as well. Don't get caught having to worry about it in the middle of a family barbecue, we can help.

Minor Repairs

This area of our expertise encompasses mostly handyman work. There are members of our team that are experienced in many aspects of home maintenance and repair, all you gotta do is ask and we'll let you know if it's within our scope to do.